Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'm Been Saying Something Similar For A Long Time...

Just be sure to stick around for the end...

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Anonymous said...

Mike- It would be fun if you and your love could go. (Don't worry, we had a gay couple last time, they shared a double bed.) Think of it as a poor man's Hawaii. The diving/snorkling, hiking, and kayaking are wonderful.

The Dive Animals Scuba Club presents: The utterly cool, majorly fun Two Harbors trip! (Is "majorly" a word?) Cheap diving, sleeping, eating, and beaching!

This trip WILL fill up quickly. (Every group says that, but this one is truth-speak, if past experience is any indicator.) Make your reservations with me (Bill Powers) now. $60 deposit (each person) will hold your spot(s). (No reservation is made until payment is received/check cleared.)


WHEN: Nov 6, 7, 8 (Fri-Sun)
WHERE: Two Harbors, Catalina Island
WITH WHOM: The Dive Animals Scuba Club and guests (Bill Powers leading. Ably assisted by John Leek and Jean Spence.)


1. Two-person cabins (spartan, but very adequate) (Bring your own linens/sleeping bags -OR- for an extra ~$13 the hotel will provided linens to you.)
2. Community bathrooms and showers
3. Two-tank dive boat trip on Saturday.
4. Unlimited free shore diving (tanks provided by shop)
5. Nearly unlimited free kayak usage (Sunday mornings after breakfast tend to get jammed.
5. Food

-Sandwiches and snacks Friday night
-Breakfast on Sat and Sun
-Bar-B-Q dinner Sat night

6. Round trip ferry ride from San Pedro (or closer if I can swing it).
7. Hiking (Watch out for the buffalo droppings)
8. Beach lounging

HOW MUCH: $215 each (A slight bump from last year, but prices do go up and we need to keep pace while continuing to give good value for money.)

WHAT IF YOU'RE GOING IT SOLO: That's o-k. You'll be teamed up with a same gender person for your cabin. Individuals welcome!

CABINS: There are a limited number of double-bed cabins. (First come first served.) All others are bunk-bed style.

PAYMENT: Mail your check or money order out to

Bill Powers
1966 Continental Lane
Escondido, Ca 92029


Paypal me the money PLUS 3% (Paypal surcharges) with your full name to

I'll need balance payments no later than Sept 18th. Preferably MUCH before that. You may back out 45+ days before the event with no penalties. After that you'll lose your deposit (unless we find someone to take your spot).

MINUTIA1: I'll need your full name and contact info (phone number, etc)
MINUTIA2: I'll need full names of all your guests. (You are responsible for their payments.)
MINUTIA3: Ferry schedule forthcoming. Plan on leaving San Pedro Friday afternoon some time. (I'll try for Long beach or Dana point, but it's a fluid thing.) The bulk of us need to leave together to get the discount.
MINUTIA4: We'll leave this invitation open exclusively to the Dive Animals club for two weeks. After that we'll open it to outside divers as well (to ensure a full trip).

More details to come, but that should give you the gist of things. Make your deposit payment ASAP. This trip is always grand!

Bill Powers